Biology Entertainment 1989 – 1990
Biology Members 1989

Biology Entertainment 1989 – 1990

Biology Entertainments - Acid House Party Legends

Genesis’88 & Biology worked on a few large scale parties together. The founder Jarvis Sandy, a stocky built South London chap with an appreciation for the finer things in life. When the Biology promoter started going to Genesis & Sunrise events early in 1989, he quickly decided that he too would stage a series of big events in London. Jarvis would try the legal route in rented film studios but soon sought the larger spaces that warehouses and country fields provided.

Biology quickly rose through the ranks to become the biggest party promoters in South London which brought them inline with the likes of Genesis, Sunrise or Energy.

Genesis were still kicking off warehouse doors and owning the buildings. Biology and Genesis were brought together for this very reason. Firstly, Wayne Anthony gave Jarvis his full support on two Biology events, Wayne even recorded a pirate radio ad for a Biology party. The Genesis promoter’s main task was to support Jarvis if the police tried to stop the event and they had to shift people around London or the M25.

Genesis and Biology collaborated on different occasions, the most memorable is the open air event in Meopham, Freedom to Party after-party and News Years Eve 1989 in the abandoned Panasonic building Slough.

Jarvis made headlines when appearing on TV chat show Kilroy, where he threatened the head of the Police Pay Party Unit with the mass chaos that thousands of people can bring to a community. Biology’s ultimatum was his scheduled event for 40,000 people is allowed to go ahead as planned. He was going to release the events address and bring the people to that location regardless if the party is allowed to happen or not.

Biology DJ Convention Watford 1989

Biology Pirate Radio Ad (Wayne Anthony)

Scanned from Wayne Anthony Collection

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