Genesis'88 Story
Class of 88 Tells The True Story of the
Acid House Experience
Acid House is Celebrated with a Collection of Original Dance Pary Flyers
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Various related images scanned from Wayne Anthony’s scrapbook and presented as historical context.

You won’t find many photographs of the Genesis partners during the Acid House period. As illegal party promoters they avoided cameras at all costs. Photography wasn’t encouraged at Acid House parties. The only memories of the evening were stored within the core of your being.

On Genesis flyers you’d often read ’Top DJ Line Up’ or ’Special Top DJs’. Their flyers were designed as invitations to cover themselves within the law. To appease safety concerns they announced ‘Fire Officer on Site’ and ‘Management Reserve the Right to Admission’. Genesis didn’t print flyers for all their events, word of mouth was enough to bring the masses on most occasions.

A variety of exclusive Genesis paraphernalia scanned from Wayne Anthony’s personal collection. Featuring a large body of Genesis memorabilia including items such as membership cards, tickets and stickers.

What with all the western translated Mayan Prophesies warning of pending doom in 2012. The Genesis’88 team set about staging what was forecast to be their last event. Alas the mistranslated ancient texts were nothing more than a global social experiment. The party itself was a special event with a great crowd of people willing to suspend the drama of their mature outside lives for shared unified experience.

When we set out to scan Wayne’s archives, our intention was to find a few suitable images that no-one else had seen publicly. On seeing the collection the project immediately evolved due to the sheer scale of what the influencer compiled over decades.

This is the first time Wayne has allowed anyone full access to his scrapbooks. This means the wider world gets to see Acid House content from the archives of an avid collector and pioneer of the period.

Exclusive content scanned from Wayne’s personal Class of 88 scrapbook. Here you can see the original book covers and Virgin Books flyers.

Original Genesis’88 flyers were selling at an all-time high on E-Bay in 2018. The Genesis’88 partners did small print runs of flyers, some no more than 300 units. Collectors are selling a huge variety of Acid House flyers on E-Bay but only Genesis’88 and their contemporaries such as Sunrise, Energy and Biology are auctioned off for the same money it cost for an entire Genesis’88 print run decades ago. 

These flyers were scanned from Wayne Anthony’s personal collection. Stored in boxes for thirty up to thirty two years, the former party promoter has lost many flyers along the way. We’re currently building a larger gallery of images for your review.

Biology Security Pass 1989

Genesis and Biology collaborated on different occasions, the most memorable is the open air event in Meopham, Freedom to Party after-party and News Years Eve 1989 in the abandoned Panasonic building Slough.

Firstly let us just point out that Wayne has no hand in the sales of Class of 88 paperbacks on E-Bay or Amazon. The title has trading hands for large amounts of cash for over a decade. Anyone can sell books on either platform, collectors have been purchasing them for years. The majority of folks buying the book were there in person or knows someone that used to attend Genesis’88 parties. Lots of books have been published on the topic but none equal the value or authenticity of Wayne’s epic Genesis’88 story.

Class of 88 made quite the entrance when published by Virgin Books in February 1998. This was a first-hand account of a party promoter deeply embedded within the Acid House founding core. Where readers were thrilled to ride shotgun with Wayne as Genesis staged huge parties, they were equally shocked to hear what went on behind the scenes. The title was declared book of the month in mega-stores HMV, Our Price & Virgin.

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