Limited Edition Acid House Silk Screen Prints Coming Soon

Limited Edition Acid House Silk Screen Prints Coming Soon

Wayne Anthony Commemorative Acid House Artwork 2019

We’re excited to announce Wayne Anthony (seen above)  is currently producing 80 x 60cm limited edition silkscreen prints celebrating Acid House. These are the first commemorative art prints Wayne has produced which makes them pretty special.

When it comes to Acid House flyers, hundreds of designs were produced that today are highly collectible with monetary value. Genesis’88 flyers sell online for up-to £200, Wayne and partners didn’t see that coming when they went to the printer thirty years ago. Their entire print run of flyers cost less than that back then. Wayne has an extensive flyer collection himself, but rather than reprint Genesis’88 flyers, the Acid House legend has created a beautiful set of three silkscreen prints.

A handful of artists have created limited edition art celebrating such an important moment in British history. Even fewer occupied the same space as Wayne Anthony and Genesis’88.

As a party promoter his contribution to Acid House is unquestionable. Secondhand Genesis flyers sell for hundreds of pounds, as do secondhand copies of his original Class of 88 book, which sell for even more than Genesis flyers. Wayne’s book is secured in a time capsule buried beneath the Museum of London that won’t be opened for decades.

You can own a piece of Acid House history, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed, the artwork encapsulates the entire ethos of the period. We can’t show you any visual representations at this point but as soon as we get the green light from the boss, we’ll release digital images for preview.

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