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Class of 88 Tells The True Story of the
Acid House Experience
Acid House is Celebrated with a Collection of Original Dance Pary Flyers
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Genesis’88 Pirate Radio Ads 1989 - 1992

Life before the internet. Imagine there was no internet, social media and limited access to cellphones. How would you go about staging a large scale event for thousands of people? The location must be kept secret until the last minute, otherwise the police could quickly close the event down before crowds arrive at the venue. If enough people arrive before the police, it would command a greater effort for law enforcement to control. As the events grew in popularity, party promoters ramped up efforts introducing viral marketing campaigns which included pirate radio ads.

Why Pirate Radio Ads?

Pirate radio has been a driving force at the heart of any budding subcultural movement. Stretching back to Radio Caroline broadcasting from a ship anchored at sea. Music is usually at the heart of such shifts, rejecting traditional commercial formats focused on major label factory sounds. Pirate radio stations such as Sunrise FM & Kiss FM were broadcasting House music earlier but it wasn’t until the summer of 1989, the so-called Second Summer of Love, that pirate radio became the voice of a generation.

Listeners could tune-in and hear music they heard at clubs, large events or warehouses parties on a daily basis. Thus providing a route to market and potential revenue for creators. iTunes or Spotify didn’t exist which made identifying music that much harder when dancing your socks off. Pirate radio bridged the gap, alerting listeners to the producers, bands or record labels creating their magical sounds.

Genesis’88 Radio Ads – Original & Unedited

Genesis’88 were taking some time out during the summer of 1989. The three man team were a target for law enforcement and organised criminals after staging a large scale warehouse party in different locations every Saturday night since the year began.

The first radio ad Wayne Anthony wrote and performed was actually for their friend and comrade Jarvis Sandy at Biology. He planned a huge open-air event in Watford and commissioned Wayne to assist him with marketing and general problem solving a week before the event.

Wayne teamed up with Danny Gee from the famous Noise Gate Studios, where they clowned around with different styles and produced all the Genesis’88 commercials. Wayne performed most ads solo but occasionally had guest voice overs from the likes of their close friend Itsy or DJ Rap. Wayne is the first to laugh at himself and the many accents he adopts to perform some of the ads.

Time wasn’t an issue when promoters began producing radio ads for pirate radio. The stations were being promoted on party flyers which helped raise the profiles of both the stations and radio DJs.

Biology - DJ Convention 1989

Genesis'88 - Reunion 1989

Genesis'88 - Reunion 1989

Genesis'88 - Reunion 1989

Genesis'88 - Empire Strikes Back 1989

London Dance Tickets 1989

Genesis'88 & Fantasy FM Warehouse Experience 1990

Genesis'88 - Telephone Line - Meeting Points 1990

Genesis'88 & Fantasy FM - Meeting Points 1990

Genesis'88 & Fantasy FM Warehouse Experience 1990

Genesis'88 & Fantasy FM Warehouse Experience 1990

Genesis'88 - Subscribers Mailing List Line 1992

Genesis'88 - The Awakening 1992

Genesis'88 - The Awakening 1992

Genesis'88 - Party Line Info 1992

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