Wayne Anthony Assassination of Youth Culture


NFT Number Three

Assassination of Youth Culture – The government, media and its agencies declared war on youth culture. As British youth discover themselves on warehouse dance-floors, the nation’s media prepared to destroy the emerging new culture. Event promoters are branded Mr Big’s, so called ravers are considered undesirable and the biggest campaign we’d seen since the miners strike was unleashed on the United Kingdom. Nowhere was this more apparent than national media outlets. Sensensationalised headlines dominated news print media for two years. Headlines engineered to manipulate public opinion by presenting Acid House as a national threat to young people. Wayne Anthony complied three hundred original newspaper headlines published between 1988 and 1990.

Silkscreen Print

The first eighty eight lucky collectors will be sent a high end Silkscreen Print of their NFT. Produced by one of the UK’s top art printers.

NFT Drops Incrementally | Only The Very First Collectors Receive Silkscreen Print | Secondary Collectors & Everyone Else Unlockable Printable of NFT.

Signed & Numbered (Pencil) | No: Limited Edition 88 | Production Method: Silkscreen Printing | Size: 63 cm x 63 cm | Paper: 570 gsm | Canvas Front: Black | Hacienda Factory Yellow | Canvas Reverse: Hacienda Factory Yellow | Frame: All Frames | Float Mount Recommended

Acid House Collectibles

This rare collection symbolises one of the most uplifting periods in British history. Acid House was born in Chicago and raised in Europe. The impact was so great it triggered the biggest subcultural shift since Punk Rock. The Second Summer of Love in 1988 was soundtracked by electronic dance music and the banned drug MDMA. Great Britain and the rest of Europe is transformed overnight. This is the launching point for international rave culture.

The Collection

Three unique NFTs (NonFungible Tokens) document the chronology of Acid House and formation of global rave culture. Only eighty nine pieces will be minted for each individual piece. 

The Sound of House Music, Acid House, Detroit Techno, New Beat, Hip House, Balearic… The frequency that helped shift the hearts, minds and feet of an entire generation. 


In 1988 Wayne Anthony co-founded Genesis’88 and staged some of the biggest illegal warehouse parties in British history. He later penned cult status book Class of 88 (Virgin Books 1998, 2018). Wayne is mentioned in over sixty published books and interviewed in dozens of documentaries screened on national and global TV networks. Three unique NFTs (NonFungible Tokens) document the chronology of Acid House and formation of global rave culture.