Class of 88 - The Reissue

Class of 88 – A True Story

Marking the 30th anniversary of the second Summer of Love in 1988, Class of 88 is the story of the Acid House dreamer who took on the gangsters so Britain could party like never before…

When the Summer of Love hit Britain in ’88, Wayne Anthony had embraced the bright new world of dance music, MDMA and all-night celebrations. The previous year Wayne and two friends had established the legendary illegal Genesis raves and were taking Acid House to the masses, changing the face of British rave culture for good. Using photocopied headed paper from estate agents, a small network of key people he trusted and unshakable determination he managed to blag his way through rounds of police raids and questioning.

But beneath the shiny, smiley surfaces, he quickly found himself in a vicious world of violence and organised crime, for which he was totally unprepared. He was thrown into the back of a van beaten by ex-paratroopers, menaced by gangsters, kidnapped, confronted with sawn off shotguns and threatened with murder, all so Britain could party like never before.

Now, re-issued for the 30th anniversary, Class of 88 is Wayne’s very lively, highly individual account of the two years he spent as an illegal party promoter, leading the rave revolution, which was sweeping the UK, changing lives, music and popular culture forever.

Wayne Anthony is the author of Class of 88. Following Genesis, Wayne promoted a series of events around Europe and released a series of infamous compilation albums under the banner ‘Havin’ It’. Since then Wayne has been involved in Internet start-ups and tech companies. He spent the last ten years at the helm of LSD Magazine, one of Europe’s biggest street art graffiti networks.

Published by Virgin Books | 22nd March 2018 | Paperback | £8.99


Wayne Anthony, Keith Brooks & Andrew Pritchard formed a company called Genesis’88 and quickly became leading lights during a period affectionately known as Acid House. Their modus operandi was locating huge empty warehouses and lay claim as their own building for one night only. Dozens of fake documents were concocted which enabled Wayne Anthony to convince law enforcement agencies the said properties were hired through proper channels. At times even claiming he was George Michael’s assistant manager or head of Channel 4 programming to dozens of police officers.