Museum of London Time Capsule

Genesis’88 & Class of 88 Make British History 1999

Museum of London | Time Capsule

It’s not everyday a world renown museum contacts a lad raised on a Hackney council estate with a view of placing his name in history books. A once in a lifetime opportunity to be remembered many decades from that day over twenty years ago. Imagine the Class of 88 book locked in a time capsule beneath this prestigious museum in the City of London.

How did that happen?

A museum curator contacted Wayne Anthony after one of their patrons (Mrs Magenta) read his book and brought the title to the museums attention. They requested his input and presence at a dedicated exhibition called Drugs where they hoped he’d give a talk and join a panel to discuss the effect of drugs on Londoners. Wayne donated some Genesis’88 flyers to the museum, which was added to their collection and served as part of an exhibit representing Acid House. He did an opening speech followed by a public debate on the negative effects of drugs on Londoners. The private viewing revealed the Acid House paraphernalia in a glass display sitting opposite the Mayor of London’s official parade coach. The museum called him some days later to announce Class of 88 had been added to a collection of items chosen for a time capsule being placed beneath the building. He was told the selection process was lengthy and each individual component reflected a unique feature of London life in the twentieth century. Wayne is extremely proud of this honour.  

“My book wasn’t selected because of my writing skills. I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. It’s a story people are eager to hear because of the impact Acid House had on my generation”