Written & Performed by Wayne Anthony

Pirate radio has always played a major role in promoting underground music and culture. Pirate radio DJs slowly adapted to playing House music in their sets around 1987. By winter 1988, dedicated pirate radio networks played nothing but House.

Large scale Acid House party promoters didn’t utilise the pirate networks until it became almost impossible to stage an illegal warehouse party without having hundreds of people at the location when police arrived. Gone were the days of fronting police squads, pretending to represent George Michael or another giant entity such as Channel 4.

We chose huge warehouses for thousands of people so its important to reach as many people as possible. Pirate radio gave us access to their listeners and we in turn promoted their stations byway of our marketing campaigns. Promoters would pay between £100 & £150 a week for their ads to get played on the hour every hour.

The radio networks offered to produce the ads for promoters, but we (Genesis’88) produced our own ads at the Noise Gate Recording Studios with engineer Danny. I wrote all the featured ads and performed them. I loved doing some of them but others are pretty cheesy. It’s the first time l’d ever recorded my voice or created radio ads.

These recordings are the only Genesis’88 pirate radio recordings in existence. We originally produced more ads but these are the only ones we could find. Recorded from cassette tapes I’ve carried around the world on the map of countries l’ve lived in.

Pirate Radio Ads