Raindance & Kapow All Day Secret Party

Raindance & Kapow All-Dayer

Warehouse Party in Secret North London Location

Sunday 1st August – Midday – 10pm

I won’t often write about events, reunions or club nights but given l’ve known Raindance Richard for over three decades l thought it rude not to mention one of the longest running promoters in the UK. 

Raindance have been staging events since 1989. Richard has organised at least one event every year since opening their doors to the first legalised event of the period. Richard has also launched other well known event brands. Raindance have teamed up with Kapow, a well known Jungle crew that were tearing up dance floors during the heyday of Jungle in the UK circa 1993-95. 

I wondered who would be first out the gate after the so-called Freedom Day. Restrictions are so tight that dwindling profits from any such endeavours are vastly reduced. It’s no surprise to hear Raindance answered the call of many. The masses having been starved of social contact are heaving to get back on the dance-floor. 

If you’re reading my blog there’s a good chance you enjoy a good ole fashioned warehouse party in a secret location. Raindance & Kapow are promising just that, a secret party at an unnamed venue. Please don’t DM me requesting information about the party or location, l know as much as the information made public by the crew. As the flyer states the North London location will be revealed on Thursday 29th July. 

Raindance & Kapow All-Dayer


 I interviewed Richard on my podcast earlier in the year…

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