Genesis’88 | Blotter Art | B&W

  • Wayne Anthony & James McGovern Collaboration
  • Limited Edition | 10
  • Process: Blotters Hand Cut
  • Size: 20×20 Inches
  • Medium: Card
  • Signed: Wayne Anthony

Genesis’88 Blotter Art

Acid House was so named by its creator DJ Pierre in Chicago mid-eighties. On discovering a new squelching sound on a synthesiser produced to simulate  traditional bass guitars. The drug free producer referenced the sound when choosing to name the new genre Acid House. Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, Acid House denoted an entire culture built around music, night life and drugs. The British media wrongly associated the term Acid House with the drug LSD. 


Wayne Anthony & James McGovern


‘There are only so many ways to say Acid House without actually using the word Acid’ Wayne Anthony



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