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We did a quick search for related videos which we’ll post to this page. It’s ongoing  so check back for new videos.

Can You Feel It - The Dance Revolution BBC Trailer

Wayne Anthony Speaks at Rave Story Seminar 2017

Wayne Anthony - Uncle Dugs Radio Interview 2012

Wayne Anthony interview DJ Uncle Dugs - The George Michael Blag

Genesis'88 - Logo Painted by Busk 2012

Genesis'88 - The True Acid House Experience 28th sept 2012

Urban Smuggler Speaks of Acid House Days with Genesis'88

Wayne Anthony, Carl Cox, Dave Dorrell, Orbital - Pump up the Volume

Freedom to Party Demonstration 1990 - Spot Your Face

Biology Party & Clapham Common July 1989

Acid House Flash Mob Aug 2008

The Chemical Generation - Acid House documentary

World In Action - A Trip Around Acid House 1988 ITV

Pump up the volume: A history of House music • 2001, Channel 4

Blackburn Warehouse Parties 1989 - 1990

Film Trailer - THEY CALL IT ACID

Acid House - A short history 1987-94

1989 UK Acid House, Illegal Rave

D-Mob "We call it acieed"