Class of 88
Acid House
1987 - 1990

This website is dedicated to the ‘Cult Status Book’ Class of 88 by Genesis’88 co-founder Wayne Anthony. First published February 1998 and reissued in February 2018. Publisher Virgin Books.


Acid house '87-90'

Acid House was created in Chicago, nurtured in New York & Detroit. Showcased in Europe.

Illegal RAVES

Acid Parties were deemed Raves by the media. Industry people never called them raves.

Class of 88

Class of 88 book is based on a true story written by one of the original large scale party promoters.



Genesis'88 epic run of events started over Christmas 1988 and continued through the first three months of 1989. When we crashed a different large scale warehouse every Saturday night.

Wayne Anthony

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